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worst types of brain cancer . Why? For all parts of your body organs are controlled by the brain. In addition, the human mind is concentrated in the brain. However, the brain is also vulnerable to illness, including tumor cells.

Worst types of brain cancer
Worst types of brain cancer

This disease does not always harm the soul, however, when not handled seriously they will be getting worse, and the life You could be threatened. The following explanations more mengenati diseases of the brain tumor as cited the Mayo Clinic, Wednesday (01/02/2017):



Tumors formed by abnormal cell growth. This can occur in the brain that in medical terms is called the disease of brain tumor. However, the disease is not always harmful. Because tumor cells there is a benign and malignant. Tumor cells do not always appear on the brain directly (primary brain tumors), but may be a result of the spreadof other body parts then attacked part of your brain (secondary brain tumors or metastases). Although the tumor cells there are both benign and does not harm the body, but it should still get treatment quickly and precisely. Because, when it is not a brain tumor got worse and can lead to complications. No matter the type of complications vary, depending on which part of the brain affected. The following types of complications that may you experience: worst types of brain cancer..


  1. The body is weakened

In this disease, the brain becomes their target organs. If you experience this, you will experience the brain organ damage and the longer it will be getting worse. If the tumor invades the parts of the brain that functions to control the strength of the body, your body will become weak, maybe like a lame person or a person who suffered a stroke.

  1. the sight impaired

A brain tumor can damage the nerves that connect to the eye or to part of the brainthat functions to process visual information (visual cortex). When this happens, Yourvision will be impaired, for example, the vision becomes double vision and land be reduced.

  1. The headache

The growth of tumor cells in the organ of the brain can cause increased pressure inthe brain itself. This will cause pain in the head. However, this pain also can be caused by a fluid that is present in the brain (Hydrocephalus). Headache is indeed beingyour usual disease naturally. However, when the pain failed to recover and is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, there might be a tumor in your brain.

  1. personality Changes

A person’s personality can also change due to tumor cells in the organ of the brain.The behavior of someone else to be able to change.

  1. Hearing impairment

Brain tumor affecting the auditory nerve, especially acoustic neuromas, can lead todisorders of the hearing.

  1. Strain

Brain tumor causes the brain to experience irritation. This then causes you experiencing convulsions.

These types of complications at once be a symptom of this disease.


The signs and symptoms caused by this disease is very varied, depending on the size, location, and the growth rate of the tumor cells. However, when you have a brain tumor disease, generally you will have signs like this:

Often experiencing headaches are getting worse and the longer

Frequent headache pattern changes

Nausea and vomiting without a cause

Vision problems, such as blurred vision, double, or even missing

Problems on hearing

Certain parts of the body experience numbness and cannot be driven

Difficult balance

Tough talk

Personality and behavior changes


The cause of the


Brain tumors are divided into two types: primary brain tumors and secondary brain tumors. The thing that distinguishes them is the beginning of the growth of brain cells. Cause factor of these two types of the disease are also different. The following explanation:


  1. Primary brain tumors


On this type of tumor, cells begin to grow in the brain or organs in the network close to the organ of the brain, such as in brain membranes (meninges), cranial nerves,pituitary gland, pineal gland or. Primary brain tumors can occur due to normal cellsundergo mutation in their DNA errors. This mutation causes cells continue to grow and divide. They will continue to live when healthy cells will die. As a result, resulting in a mass of abnormal cells that then form a tumor. Type of primary brain tumors is very diverse, such as meningiomas, pineoblastoma, and much more. However, when compared to secondary brain tumors, primary brain tumors are more rare.


  1. secondary brain tumors


This type of tumor is the result of the presence of cancer cells that grow in other places in your body that then spread or metastasize to the brain organ. When compared with primary brain tumors, the type of brain tumor is more frequently experienced by humans, particularly in people who have a history of cancer. Each type of disease of cancer can spread to the brain, but the organ during this mayori

this writing as a science  on cancer worst types of brain cancer

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