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Applying for Licenses in Wisconsin Board of Nursing

Have you known about Wisconsin Board of Nursing? As a nurse, you may be familiar with board of nursing. Yes, board of nursing is important institution where you can get practical licenses. As a nurse, having practical licenses is very important. So, a nurse will relate with board of nursing to get their practical licenses. But, there are steps should be done to get it. Read the information below to know more about Wisconsin Board of Nursing.

wisconsin board of nursing
wisconsin board of nursing

What is Wisconsin Board of Nursing?

Wisconsin Board of Nursing is an institution that has task relate to registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. It is a member of the nurse license compact. Board of nursing placed in various states in US. If you are a nurse and has task in Wisconsin, knowing about Wisconsin Board of Nursing is really important because you need get your licenses from this institution.

When Wisconsin becomes a primary residence for nurses, they should get a Wisconsin license within 30 days. But if nurses have primary residence in other compact state, they can practice in Wisconsin indefinitely. So, we can conclude that Wisconsin licenses should be got when you choose Wisconsin as your primary residence.

For nurses who are licensed in other compact state, they are allowed to practice in Wisconsin. But, it is limited by consecutive hours. Without a license, nurses are allowed to practice in Wisconsin for 72 consecutive hours. Why it is allowed? Because the institution wants the patients still have nursing care while they are traveling, transported, and other condition.

Every year, there are so many nurses have graduated from nursing school. For nursing school graduates who don’t have licenses, they should apply license. It can be got by registering for NCLEX examination. Nursing Board has authority to decide pass rates. Pass rates will be varies, it depends on school.

How to Apply Licensure as an LPN

As mentioned before, nurse license can be got by registering NCLEX examination. If you want to get licensure as an LPN, you are better to turn in your application 6-8 weeks before the program completion. It is recommended by Wisconsin Board of Nursing.

There are also some payments should be paid by candidates. After the candidates get the form, the candidate should pay for registering with testing company. They should also pay if they wish to work under a temporary permit. After Wisconsin Board of Nursing receives notification from nursing school, they will inform the testing company for candidates. It may take several times (15-20 days). But if you pay for working under a temporary permit, you can be helpful. You can work while waiting the exam.

After that, the candidate will receive an ATT. It will allow the candidate to schedule NCLEX exam. When the candidate can’t pass the exam, they can retake and repaid for the exam. Well, those are some information for you about Wisconsin Board of Nursing. You can usethis information as your reference whenever you need to know about Wisconsin Board of Nursing. Hopefully the information about Wisconsin Board of Nursing above can help you, especially for you who want to practice as a nurse in Wisconsin.

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