why does red meat cause bowel cancer..?

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why does red meat cause bowel cancer..? The World Health Organization (WHO) a few days ago to add meat olahran to list the contents of a potentially cancer causing a.k.a. carcinogenic. Bacon, sausage, ham, canned meat, etc., are considered triggering cancer in humans. While red meat is categorized as “likely” to cause cancer

Actually, what makes processed meat is becoming a threat to health, compared to fresh meat? The reason is in the process of processing Processed meat is defined by WHO as “meat that had already undergone changes through substance salt, fermentation, pickling, or smoking”, or other means to improve the flavor or food preservative substances until the save him is longer.

why does red meat cause bowel cancer
why does red meat cause bowel cancer

The process of transformation is usually by adding chemical substances in meat, or in serving the accidentally adding chemical substances. According to nutrition experts Atli Arnarson, additional substances that will transform the meat into specific content associated with cancer, both when making or cooking.

why does red meat cause bowel cancer…? For example, the nitrites are often added in meat packaging seperit hot dog. It slows the growth of harmful bacteria in meat.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the Cancer Research Institute under the WHO, pegging the nitrates and nitrites into the “possible human carcinogen” because meat that contain substances that are fried or grilled at high temperatures, it can be transformed into N-nitroso compounds existing, such as nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic.

Even though nitrosamines have not formed when meat is fried, can just formation occurs in the stomach Observations in humans also shows people who frequently consume processed meats have incidence of gastric cancer, esophagus, and colon cancer, greater. Don’t be fooled by statements in the package. Even meat which was written “natural” or “organic”, including the claim “without the addition of nitrate or nitrite”, could have the same high nitrite content. The addition of powdered celery or celery juice as an alternative to synthetic nitrite is also often performed. Celery is indeed a high nitrate content of naturally, which when treated with a bacteria culture, produce nitrite. Although technically experienced, but nitrites that is identical to the version sintetisn

When organic materials such as wood, coal, or oil burned, polycycil aromatic hydrocarbons is formed (PAHs). Living near where the burning of trash or highways, will make our PAHs content that is exposed to carcinogens. Likewise, if we eat meat are smoked, burned, or baked. Studies conducted in Europe, researchers point out, the more fatty meat that is burned, the greater the content of PAHs are formed. It is because the fat that drips onto the hot will burn and eventually produce more PAHs into the meat. On smoked meat, the length of time smoking and type of wood used also affect the content of PAHs. In addition there is also the danger of meat cooked in a high temperature or cooked for a long time will contain a heterocyclic amines (HCAs). In research on animals, a substance that triggers cancer.

The National Cancer Institute recommends that in cooking meat should be kept away from fire burning and don’t let the flesh contact with hot metal surfaces for too long. The goal to reduce the formation of HCA and PAH. If you had to wear a metal pan for cooking, at least not back and forth more often. Or, just use the microwave.


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