What to say when someone dies of cancer

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For the person who died will it the hardest because he would leave this world alone, so he really needs the most people mean that can accompany her.

What to say when someone dies of cancer   The purpose of the doctor inform the patient that the family already no hope, is to prepare the patient and family that. As otherwise notified and suddenly died, later a doctor could be blamed by the families. Doctors do not need to be covered, if the circumstances of his patients already can not be helped. Usually if I diagnose and it looks like there is no hope, I still let me know.

What to say when someone dies of cancer
What to say when someone dies of cancer

The first family reaction is usually confused and probably not believing in me. They will be asked again to another doctor or perhaps a medical treatment to another. But yes we are trying to explain examinations as much detail as possible, with a lay language that he can understand.

But on the one hand there are families who are not ready to accept the reality as it is, they think the time my husband or my wife have to go that fast? But if the reality as it is, we should be able to provide an explanation in medical or scientific basis. I think patients should also be informed, too, because he had his body. In the code of ethics in Indonesia should be the first patients are entitled to know, but on the fact or practice the family ask that the patient never told. In conditions like this I suggest that patients should still be informed because he has his own body. Of course by choosing the right time, after the patient’s heart is prepared, and with a good approach

What Do You Say When Someone Dies Of Cancer
What Do You Say When Someone Dies Of Cancer

What to say when someone dies of cancer:


  1. As a family close to the patients, either as a husband, wife or child, we should first accept the situation.
  2. regarding drugs, usually when to ease the pain (penstillen) the patients definitely want.
  3. For diseases that are classified as severe, if the family can accompany the whole time. The sick need accompaniment primarily from people she loved and the most meaningful, especially at the last moment.
  4. Some of the ways to help people who suffer from diseases that the longer the more severe. If he’s a Christian, we could pray with open sound, can hold his hand, we sing to him, and read God’s Word for it. So she still feel that we are still noticing, so he will be resurrected.
  5. If there are family members that comma, perhaps we are difficult to deal with it. How do we communicate with commas? Actually, if he has not been berendit, we can whisper and talk something maybe he still heard and still react. Usually when a coma patient does not move, only the reaction of pupil light is still good. But when it’s berendit, installed the tools whatsoever. If the State of the patient is already makin critical, usually the family will be called to attend, this is very influential on him. Because the patient will feel he does not own, for people who would die the most difficult that he would leave this world alone. If you think I am (Bu Vivian) we have to remember, The Lord is God of the living, though doctors say there is no hope, we remain full lean on God. So try the best we can do despite the cost that much to take care of our loved ones. I also once saw a patient by the doctor said there is no hope, but healed because God revealed miracles
  6. Can we know that the patient was actually deceased, for example by examining nadinya isn’t there, or from the pupil of his eye usually when deceased definitely widened. Usually when patients will die, I (Doctor Kittenhood) will be reminded again about the Christ who died on the cross to atone for sin. Also news about the House of the Father in heaven

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