west virginia board of nursing

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Supervision and Guidance from West Virginia Board of Nursing

West Virginia board of nursing will make the code of ethics of nurses in the region. It is the primary source to validate the license owned by the nurses in the area. If you find a difference between the license card verification systems, implemented by the board, then you can contact the council to conduct the verification of the information. Board of Nursing has a very important role in keeping the code of ethics of nurses in the entire hospital. The hospital will set up an organization under this council. Nursing Committee has a responsibility to the director of the hospital. This organization has rules that must be obeyed by all the nurses in the hospital. It is the task of nursing organizations on a small scale. The larger task held by the board of nursing in the region.

Board of Nursing will ensure the quality of nursing care and patient safety so that the nurses will be trained and supervised by a committee of nursing. Supervision and coaching are done by evaluation, monitoring, improvement and human resource training, technical guidance, socialization, and advocacy. Implementation of nursing supervision and oversight committee will be conducted by professional organizations, the head of health in the city, the head of the provincial health department, hospital supervisory board, and the minister.

west virginia board of nursing
west virginia board of nursing

Guidelines for the Nurse

Board of nursing also has guidelines for nurses. You can download the manual in the official website of the council. Professional nurses who already have a license must perform assigned tasks in accordance with the obligations of the nurse. Nurses should ensure that patient in a safe condition and perform their duties effectively. Nurses have a legal liability as determined by the board. Nurses must comply with all the rules in the code of conduct American Nurses Association. These guidelines also provide rules on additional tasks given to the nurse’s employer. Nurses should get overtime things that have been written in the official regulations in this country.

Nurse decision to reject or accept the task should be based on professionalism, ethics, and law. Nurses should not work more than sixteen hours for nurses will experience fatigue and cannot keep patients well. Patient safety is the main thing. Nurses can work more than sixteen hours in the event of an unexpected condition such as disease outbreaks, bad weather or a natural disaster. The nurse had to save the patient first. This is a situation that emphasizes the rights and responsibilities of nurses in making decisions. Nurses should not be making decisions that could lead to conflict.

Guidelines for Decision Making

If nurses have to get a license, then the nurse must have a safety and education that is appropriate to treat the patients well. Nurses will get a contract and the facilities that have been agreed with the client. Nurses should check the contract to acquire the appropriate rights of the board of nursing. Nurses should know the procedures, policies, objectives, and the facilities provided by the client. The responsibility should be done by nurses is to provide proper nursing care to patients. Nurses should be able to provide the individual assessment in accordance with the nursing skills in delegating to others, accept responsibility, and seek consultation. This document also includes the responsibility of the nurse managers to evaluate and supervise the performance of nurses. That guidance issued by West Virginia board of nursing.

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