The List of Toor Dal Nutrition You Should Know

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Toor dal nutrition shows that this ingredient is healthy enough to eat. It seems it is the reason why Indian tend to use toor dal on their dish. Even until today, you can see many restaurants in India are using toor dal as one of their primary ingredients. So, what are the compounds within this tiny ingredient?

toor dal nutrition
toor dal nutrition

Folic Acid

If you learn about toor dal nutrition, you will find a fact that this ingredient consist of folic acid. The good thing, folic acid is a good acid especially for women. A woman who wanted to have a baby or pregnant is suggested to eat toor dal regularly. This is because folic acid on toor dal is good to keep fetal develop well and to prevent the risk of neural birth problem. It is also good for the brain of your baby. It prevents the risk of birth defect problem.


Besides the source of folic acid, toor dal is also the source of protein. Interestingly, it is the type of plant protein along with dietary fiber. This is the reason why dieters are asked to eat toor dal to support their dietary program. If it is compared, the nutrient of toor dal is similar to the nutrient of poultry, meat and fish. Even, it is low fat and low cholesterol ingredient. If you want to find the substitution of meat for vegan, toor dal is the answer.

toor dal nutrition
toor dal nutrition


One more important compound in toor dal is carbohydrate. In fact, your body needs energy and it can cover by eating toor dal in the right portion. Of course it is better than rice or bread because toor dal contains of complex carbohydrate. In contrast, rice or bread or some of carbohydrate sources are containing of simple carbohydrate. It means it is easy to change into glucose and it is unhealthy if it is too much. It is not only because it is low glucose but also because of its nutritional richness.


Again, toor dal is a good example of dietary ingredient and should be included on your diet menu. This is because toor dal contain of fiber and it is not and ordinary fiber. It is a dietary fiber. By eating toor dal you can prevent the risk of constipation. Because of its dietary fiber, you can also prevent the risk of chronic diseases. Those are including lowering the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancers, diabetes type 2, and also cardiovascular disease.

From the fact above, we can conclude that toor dal is a healthy food. It can be consumed for all ages whether baby, teenager, adult, and elderly. The list of toor dal nutrition above is the sign and it is good for your metabolism. In short, toor dal is good for people who want to start eating healthy foods, vegans, dieters, and people who are suffered from chronic diseases. It seems that the toor dal nutrition will help to reduce the bad impact of chronic disease so you can life better and healthier.

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