The Impressive Efforts of Honey Boo Boo Mom Weight Loss

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Mama June is one of celebrities having overweight body. June’s weight makes her look ugly and unhealthy. She has a body size of 28. Today, she makes an impressive weight loss in which she is able to change 28 size to be 16 size. How does she make an impressive effort? What is the secret of Honey Boo Boo Mom weight loss?

 honey boo boo mom weight loss
honey boo boo mom weight loss

Keeping Her Lifestyle

Mama June admits that most of her weight loss progresses are keeping her to stay busy with the other activities. You must forget foods at that time for losing weight. Honestly, Mama June lose weight when she becomes more active due to doing many things and routines. She is also able to maintain healthy lifestyle and habit. She is able to keep her rhythm of weight loss efforts.

 honey boo boo mom weight loss
honey boo boo mom weight loss


When Mama June was interviewed, she explained that jogging becomes a secret of Honey Boo Boo Mom weight loss success. She walks and does jogging for 3 to 5 miles per day. This plays a huge role in losing weight. After she starts to think about it, she tries to continue her healthy habit. Mama June always walked 3 miles every day.

Having a Personal Trainer

With the professional help, it will get easier and simpler. It creates an impressive result for Mama June weight loss. This is conducted by Mama June to kick out her weight. Having a personal trainer makes a huge difference in weight loss efforts. The personal trainer offers tips and guidance to her for some lifestyle choices. The personal trainer really manages her life healthily and well. Natasha Fett, as a personal trainer, suggested her to walk 3.000 miles if Mama June wants to burn 70 pounds of weight. She keeps to record the progressive weight loss progress on her note.

Weight Loss Surgery

Mama June conducted the last action and effort to lose weight. Conducting weight loss surgery was ever done by Mama June. She run that surgery after a regular diet made fainted and placed her to the risks of health problems. She is able to burn 90 pounds for an early step. Then, Mama June wants to lose more than 80 pounds to achieve her ideal weight. However, Mama June is unable to continue her weight loss program due to the disease history. This reality star has a different stomach and arm after bypass surgery. It really influences her body endurance and condition so that Mama June cannot continue that diet program.

Maintaining Healthy Life

After Mama June conduct weight loss surgery, don’t think that she can eat randomly. Mama June must still obey some procedures and maintain her healthy life to make the weight stable. This becomes the hardest condition of Mama June to get the body weight stable. Keeping motivation for weight loss is also important to make her body stable after achieving body weight loss target. Every effort of Honey Boo Boo Mom weight loss is working collaboratively to obtain the final target. You may implement good actions of Mama June for burning fats and calorie as you want to imitate her ways.

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