The Average Weight for 5’1” Female

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The Average Weight for 5’1” Female

What is the average weight for 5’1” female? Indeed, weight is a very sensitive matter for females. It is like a big deal if in fact, the weight gained is not normal. You can just simply feel that you are the fattest woman in the world for sure. However, more than that, it is true that you have to control your weight for the sake of your own health. Depending to your current weight, there is indeed the value of weight which is considered as the most ideal for you. However, it is actually not the only indicator. To know whether your body is already ideal, there are many things to be considered as well. So, what are they? Here they are.

average weight for 5 1 female

Considering the BMI

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. You body is basically composed from many elements. Therefore, the weight you gain is not only about the fat but also many other things like your bone and even muscles. Sure, it is no matter with the amount of bone and muscle you have. It is because that the bone and muscle conditions are really influenced by some natural factors including the gene. However, it becomes a big deal if your weight is because of the accumulation of fat. Therefore, before you make a conclusion regarding the ideal weight for your height; it is much better if you count your BMI at first. Aside from the complicated calculation, there is a good tiding for you. There are now many apps and websites to count it faster. You only need to type down your current height and weight. There are two sorts of measurement applied; they are namely the standard and metric.

The Ideal Weight Based on IBM Calculation

The value of BMI calculation will give you such a slight description related to your current body condition. It is probably not 100% accurate but it is effective enough to know what you need to do next toward your body. When your BMI value is resulted higher than 24.9, you should be more careful then. Why? It is because of the possibility that you are already overweight. Meanwhile, BMI which values 35 to 40 are already categorized as obesity. Therefore, when you find those numbers, it means that you have to change, manage, and also control your intake from now. Of course, it means if the value you have is under 24.9, you can calm yourself. It is still normal anyway although there is no reason for not controlling your daily consumption.

Ideal Weight for 5’1” from Chart

Despite the BMI that you have to consider, it is not bad if you know what is your ideal weight based on the chart. The weight which is classified as normal is when you have 100 to 131 lbs. Meanwhile, you should be more careful when the weight is 132 to 157 lbs as it is already categorized as overweight. Lastly, the obesity category is for weight from 158 to 206. Sure, combining both the number from chart and also the BMI tends to be more accurate in order to know the average weight for 5’1” female.

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