Tennessee board of nursing

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Tennessee Board of Nursing

Nurse is someone who works in the health sector. The task of nurse are providing nursing service, responsible for improving health, and preventing the disease. Also, nurse is an administrator. It means that nurse can collaborate with other health job. The purpose are organizing, planning, performing, and evaluating actions that is given to the patient. Since, nurse often meets the patient. Therefore, nurse should organize and arrange the nursing alternative ways for the patient. Someone should have nursing license, so they can to be nurse. Nursing licence is gained from take several course of nursing academy. They can take some course from Tennessee board of nursing in Tennessee University.

Tennessee board of nursing
Tennessee board of nursing

Tennessee University public university that located in Nashville, Tennessee. United States. It was established in 1912. It is known as the largest and the only state university in Tennessee. By 2 kilo meters wide as main campus and 65 buildings. This university offers 38 degree of bachelor, 24 degree of master, and 7 degree of doctoral. The degree includes biology, computer information, system engineering, education, psychology, and public administration. In additional, this university offers two-years of science associate degree in nursing and dental hygiene

About the nursing board

The nursing board was built in 1911. It was signed by former Governor named Ben Hooper. The mission of this board is to protect the safety, welfare and health of Tennesseans by requiring all people who practice nursing in this course are qualified and licensed. This nurses foundation was under contract with the medical department. It provides the professional nurse that helps patients with mental, emotional, and physical problems. The reporting and monitoring programs are supported by renewal fees and licensure. It provides a professional service to help the public and assist in the nurse rehabilitation. The board provides all curriculums for all nursing programs via online, distance or other electronic. The Tennessee State University Division of Nursing is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission. The board have permit to provides the advanced practice nurse (APN) licences with or without a certificate to determine and registered nurses in 4 roles: anaesthetists of nurse, practitioners of nurse, clinical nurse, nurse midwives and specialists nurse. The qualifications such asi new a master’s degree in a nursing specialty board, national certification, registered nurse licenses, 3/4 hours of pharmacology, and witness of specialized practical skills. An advanced practice nurse certificate without legal authority is provided when the nurse does not complete the qualification of pharmacology and for applicants who meeting with the certain “grandfathering” requirements.

Academic programs

This programs has been approved the board of nursing to educate students. This programs performs more than a decade in demonstrates of research. Most of graduates registered nurse that works in hospitals. This academic programs will continue to work for professional nurse to ensure that the citizen receive quality, cost effective health care. This programs give professional definitions and necessary educational qualifications for nursing in order to make good nurse. This programs educates nurse to practice act regulates nursing and protects the public from unsafe nursing.

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