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How to Get Nursing License from SD Board of Nursing

Have you known about SD Board of Nursing? If you are a nurse and has a plan to work in South Dakota, knowing about SD Board of Nursing is really important. You will need this institution when working in South Dakota. Read the information below to know more about SD Board of Nursing.

What is SD Board of Nursing?

sd board of nursing
sd board of nursing

SD Board of Nursing is institution in South Dakota which organizes practical licenses of nurses. Currently, there are 18.055 nurses havebeen organized by this institution. That number is combination of 15,494 RNs and 2,561 PNs.

SD Board of Nursing is a member of the nurse licensure compact. It is one of three of Border States (North Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa). If a nurse has multistate license issued in SD (South Dakota), they will have privilege to practice in other compact states. Yes, they have privilege of practicing through remote means or electronic.

There are so many types of licenses that can be organized by South Dakota Board of Nursing such as Practical Nursing License, Registered Nursing License, Advanced Practice Nurse (APN or APRN) License, and many more. So, you have to know the type of license you need when you want to ask SD Board of Nursing to give license for you. Not only that, there are requirements should be fulfilled when you need nursing license from SD Board of Nursing.

Applying for Licensure

We have known some information about SD Board of Nursing. Because there are so many types of licenses can be released by SD Board of Nursing, lets we talk about an example of license can be got from SD Board of Nursing. The license is RN License. How to get RN license in South Dakota? Enrolling a state approved professional nursing program should be done by a prospective RN. It may confer a diploma, baccalaureate degree or associate degree.

First of All, the candidate should apply to South Dakota Board and register with Person VUE to take NCLEX-RN Exam. The candidate will have director certify education if they attended an in-state program. And, the candidates will have an official transcript sent if they attended school in another state.

Application and exam is not free, because you have to pay for it. For paying the application, you have to pay a $100 fee, while for exam registration you have to pay $200. For you who want to work under a temporary permit, you can pay for additional fee, which is $25. It is useful for you because you can work while waiting to take the exam.

After that, the candidates will receive an ATT. So, you will know the schedule of your Exam. 10 days after exam, you will know your score and know whether you pass the exam or not. If you don’t pass, you have opportunity to retake the exam but will not have privilege to work under temporary permit.

Well, those are some information for you about SD Board of Nursing. Hopefully the information about SD Board of Nursing above will be useful for you, especially for you who need SD nursing license.

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