Original Pancake House Nutrition: the Calories and Content

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When you want to prepare food for the breakfast, what kind of menu that you want to cook? Actually, the menu for breakfast depends on the habit of people. Some people like to have bread as their breakfast. They will add jam and fruit to complete their breakfast. Some people prefer to cook food for their breakfast, such as fried rice and egg. What kind of breakfast that you always have? Do you want to try new menu for your breakfast? If you want to have a delicious breakfast, you can try to eat pancake. One of the best pancake is from Original Pancake House. If you want to know more about it, you should also know about the Original Pancake House Nutrition.

Original Pancake House Nutrition

The Original Pancake House has been established since 1953. This pancake used the ethnic pancake recipes and the authentic national recipe. Then, some of the variations in the pancake menu are also offered. From the cooking methods and the ingredients, you do not need to be worry about the nutrition information. This pancake contains balance carbohydrate, fat, and protein.

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Original Pancake House

There are 2 types of pancake from Original Pancake House: the original pancake and the signature apple pancake. The signature apple pancake is made with the cinnamon sugar and sauteed apple. You can also choose crepes, cereals, waffles, meats, and egg dishes. The original pancake is made from the sourdough yeast, sugar, and flour. This pancake also uses butter, whipping cream, and eggs. You can also add the fruit toppings and maple syrup.

The Calories and Content of Original Pancake House

If you talk about the Original Pancake House Nutrition, you should also talk about the calories and the content inside the pancake. If you want to know about the calories which are contained in the pancake, you should know that every pancake in the Original Pancake House has calories. The amount of calories which are served is quite high. The 49er flapjack pancake contains 347 calories per pancake. The signature apple pancake contains 595 calories. The bacon and oatmeal breakfast contains 581 calories. The bacon and cheese omelet contains 500 calories. Now, you should know about the content of the pancake. The pancake usually consists of carbohydrate and fats around 11 g. The amount of protein is 11 g. The 49er flapjack pancake and signature apple pancake contain 8.7 g and 22 g of fat and the carbohydrate is 90 g. If you want to have the low-carbohydrate, you can choose bacon and cheese omelet. It contains 39 g of fat, 33 g of protein, and 2.4 of carbohydrate.

Even though the pancake in Original Pancake House contains high calories, it also has various minerals and vitamins. You can choose to eat bacon, egg, and oatmeal breakfast. It contains 4.4 g of dietary fiber. The amount of potassium is 581 mg. It also has the iron (14%), calcium (16%), and also vitamin A (8%).

If you want to have healthy breakfast, you can try to eat some foods such as bread, rice, bacon, egg, and any other food. One of the best choice for breakfast is pancake from Original Pancake House. You need to know the Original Pancake House Nutrition.

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