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5 Nutritional Yeast Nutrition Facts

Knowing the nutritional yeast nutrition facts is important for those who want to be healthy with this kind of food. Nutritional yeast is a kind of deactivated yeast and it is incredibly healthy for our body. In the market, you will find the nutritional yeast in the form of flakes. There are many ways to cook it including making it into seasoning paste and just mix it up with other healthy ingredients and making it into nuggets or patties. How healthy is this nutritional yeast? Below are 5 nutritional yeast nutrition facts that reveal the goodness of consuming nutritional yeast for our body.

  1. Incredible Source of Protein

Nutritional yeast is just high in protein. If you consume one tablespoon of flaked nutritional yeast or the powdered one, you will get 9 grams of protein. It is just more than enough to keep your body healthy and keep the metabolism system well. That amount of protein you get from one tablespoon of nutritional yeast is bigger than you get when you consume 1 cup of whole milk or a large egg. When you eat 1 cup of milk, you only get 8 grams of protein. A large egg only contains of 6 grams protein. That is why this nutritional yeast is an incredible source of protein that capable to give you enough energy for every day.

  1. Great Way to Get Fiber

Fiber is one of the most important substances that our body needs. Fiber is going to keep the digestive system well and also keep the metabolism system well. For a healthy belly and highly functional digestion, fiber must be consumed every day. If you consume one tablespoon of nutritional yeast, you will get 3 grams of fiber. It is enough to provide fiber to keep your body healthy. Remember that fiber is also important to regulate blood sugar and provide energy.

nutritional yeast nutrition facts
nutritional yeast nutrition facts
  1. Getting Vitamin B-12 from Nutritional Yeast

Vitamin B-12 is an important kind of vitamin. It is essential to produce myelin and to keep the nerve in order. However, vitamin B-12 comes mostly from animal. Meat and eggs are just full of this kind of vitamin. If you are a vegetarian, getting this vitamin can be a little bit more difficult since you are not consuming animal products. Thus, this nutritional yeast is a great alternative to provide you vitamin B-12.

  1. Great Source of Folic Acid

Pregnant women can get a lot of benefits from consuming nutritional yeast. Beside of having high amount of protein, vitamin B-12, and fiber, nutritional yeast is also great in providing folic acid. Pregnant women need folic acid to keep away spina bifida and also prevent birth defects.

  1. High in Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Nutritional yeast is just high in anti-inflammatory agents. It can prevent you from getting infections, swelling, and other kinds of wound. It will help you heal wounds quicker as well. That is why nutritional yeasts can be consumed when you are sick to shorten the sickness. This is one of the best nutritional yeast nutrition facts you should really know.

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