Nutritional value of dates

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Facts About Nutritional Value of Dates that Benefit for Your Body

Date is the palm family called Arcacaea. It is a flowering plant that is most cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions, for example: the middle east. Many botanical believed, dates origins was the Nile edges and river of Euphrates from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. This fruit has a cylinder or oval shape with 3 – 7 cm length and 2 – 4 cm diameter. Date typically has a pit or stone in the middle which is covered by fleshy part. It makes this fruits is chewy when is eaten. How about nutritional value of dates? Or even what the benefit is

The nutrition

  • It has a great taste. Dates are the most popular fruits that are contains with an excellent of  minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients in order to growing and development for kids as well as all good body.

  • The fresh dates contains of soft and natural sugars called dextrose and fructose. Even, 1 g of the mejdool date type contains 3 calories. Undoubtedly, this fruits will changes energy and directly refresh your body. Sometimes, this fresh dates are served as menu of break-fasting during Ramadhan month in order to replacement the energy.

  • This fruits are rich with dietary fiber. It is will prevent you from concentration of cholesterol in your gut. In additional, the dietary fiber will help body to protect your membrane, especially the colon from the cancer causing because of chemicals that happens in your colon.

  • They hold tannins. It has a beneficial healthy of flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidants. It contains anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, and anti-hemorhagic properties. Obviously, it helps you to prevent fluent bleeding way.

  • It is also rich of vitamin-A which is famous for your vision. In additional, it will be soften skin. Even, the natural fruits which is rich of vitamin-A can helps you to protect from lung cancer.

  • They also rich with lutein, B-carotene, and zeaxanthin. It helps to protect your body room and other body structures from carbon free radicals. In additional, it can also protect from pancreatic, colon, breast, prostate, as well as lung cancers.

  • It also rich of minerals from example calcium, manganese, copper, and magnesium. Calcium is important to help build bone and teeth. Copper helps you to product the red blood cells. And magnesium helps for bone growth.

  • Dates are holds some of irons. It is well-known as establishment of hemoglobin.

  • Also, it is an excellent source of potassium. Potassium is well-known helps you from coronary heart disease and stroke. It is a part of body fluids and cell that can prevent you from blood pressure.

The benefit if you consume it, everyday

Consuming dates everyday, will be beneficial from your body. There are five common benefit, if you consuming dates. First, Dates are perfectly for anaemia person because date contains of iron. Next, Dates will help you to health your bone, teeth, and immune system. Then, Dates will give boost energy because it contains a natural sugar. Fourth, dates treats you stomach. By consuming it everyday, you will be prevented from diarrhea. The last, dates will keep your heart healthy.

Those are some nutritional value of dates which helps you to keep your body. Undoubtedly, fresh dates will strengthen your body from various diseases.

 nutritional value of dates
nutritional value of dates

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