Nutritional value of apples

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Let’s Find More About Nutritional Value of Apples

The most popular types of fruits in the world is apples. They are belonged to the fruit of apple tree or the scientifically name is Malus Domestica. The first apple was cultivated in the Central Asia. However, Apples today are grown all over the world.  Nutritional value of apples are very rich in fiber, vitamin C and various antioxidants. In additional, apples are popular with their low calorie content. According some research, eating a while apple has rich benefits for your health. Apples have a delicious and crunchy taste. You can easily eat in raw, but you can make it into juice, drinks, or various recipes.

nutritional value of apples
nutritional value of apples

Nutrition of Apples

  1. One medium size of apple contains approximately only 95 calories. However, the most energy apple comes from carbs.

  2. Mainly, apples are rich of carbohydrates and water, and rich of fructose, sucrose, and glucose. Also, apples contains glucemic index. It helps you to measure how much of blood sugar stages  because some food effect after eating.

  3. This fruits have many of fiber. If you eat an one medium sized apple, contains about approximately 4 grams of fiber. It is very recommended to eat daily. A portion fiber of apples called pectin that made from both undissolved and dissolved fibers. Saluble fiber is important beneficial healthy effect, and feed for good bacteria in the intestine. After all, fiber can help losing your weight, while lowering blood sugar stages. Obviously, it can improve the perform  of digestive system.

  4. Apples are good resource various vitamins and mineral. However, the most popular vitamins from apple definitely vitamin C. Also, apples hold a potassium as the primary mineral of apples.

  5. This fruits also have many plant compound such as quercetin, catechin and chlorogenic. In additional, apples also have high antioxidant.

The good healthy for your body

  • Apple is good for controlling your blood sugar and diabetes. A few studies research consuming apples can lower high blood sugar stages and protecting from diabetes. In fact, fiber in apples can reduce the high blood sugar stages. In addition, the antioxidant in apples are believed to be able to retard sugars digestion , so it can slower the sugar absorbed.

  • Apple can prevent you from cholesterol in the blood and heart complication. Because, the high fiber and antioxidant in apples actually can reduce some blood cholesterol and heart diseases. Even, research in Finland approved that the risk of dying because heart disease can be lower until 43% for women. Meanwhile, the risk of dying because heart disease can be lower until 19% for men. Because, they have consumed more that 54 grams apples each day.

  • Apples might believed to prevent from some cancer. In fact, apple compound have anti cancer. Even, there is some research that consuming one apple each day can reduce 18% the danger of breast cancer. Also, it can reduce 20% the risk of cholesterol cancer.

  • In many centuries believed that apples are good for your vision. Although, apples have high vitamin C, but in apple also contains vitamin A. Vitamin A is believed a healer of your vision.

Those are some nutritional value of apples which are really good for your body. Eating apple each day, will reduce you from various disease. Afterward apples are also good for healthy diet.

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