Nutrition for babies 6-12 months

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the best nutrition for babies ages 6-12 months

When you conceived, The mother certainly realize the importance of nutrition for baby’s development. Proper nutrition and balanced diet  in the early period of his life greatly helps a baby’s brain development.


Nutritional deficiencies can cause a range of negative effects. Effects of different nutrient deficiency, Depending on the type of nutrition and physical condition of the baby. These are essential nutrition for babies 6-12 months development:

nutrition for babies 6-12 months
nutrition for babies 6-12 months

Protein plays an important role in the development of the baby’s brain. The protein directs nerve cells and move it to the right place in the brain. The nerve that makes the baby is able to think and create the perception of the world around it. Protein helps to optimize the development of the five senses the baby. Breastfeeding mothers can eat food such as meat, beans, soybeans, eggs and fish as sources of protein

DHA or Omega 3

The baby has a need a high Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) for optimal brain development. DHA enhance the development of psychomotor and mental development of the baby. breast milk contains DHA that is needed by the baby.

Kolin takes the baby, especially while he was in the womb also post at an early age was born. Kaolin is useful for the formation of the spine and the development of brain cells. According to the study, kaolin proven to improve cognitive function the baby. Babies can get a balanced intake of kolin with breast milk. While breastfeeding Moms should consume eggs, milk, and soy beans as a source of kolin.

Asam Folat
Folic acid is important for brain development, especially when the baby is in the womb. Folic acid is able to prevent the risk of the occurrence of spina bifida (neural tube defects) and the formation of brain tumors on the baby. The number of nutritional Adequacy (RDA) 2013, recommends pregnant women to consume 600 mcg of folic acid

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 is important for the formation and development of the central nervous system in fetuses. During the development of the baby, vitamin B6 is necessary for the development of children’s abilities in adapting. with its environment. Vitamin B6 can be obtained from foods such as tuna fish, meat, nuts, bread and cereals.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 helps the formation of myelin in nervous tissue BABYS. Benefits of vitamin B12 can be obtained on the beef, goat meat, fish and chicken meat.

Zat besi
The baby needs iron so that his brain could develop optimally. Iron is a mineral that your body needs for the formation of hemoglobin or red blood cells. Iron can be obtained through the intake of meat, vegetables, eggs and cereals

Like iron, zinc helps to optimize the functionality and performance of the baby’s brain. Zinc acts to produce white blood cells so that the body is able to fight off the infection. Zinc also which ensure cells in the body can always thrive and repair damage that occurred. Foods like beef and chicken meat is a great source of zinc.

so one needs nutrition for babies 6-12 months


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