nutritional value of strawberries

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Nutritional Value of Strawberries for Your Healthy

nutritional value of strawberries
nutritional value of strawberries

The strawberry is another form in scientifically called Fragaria Ananassa. This fruits have some characteristics, such as: have bright red in colour, a juicy texture, a special aroma and a sweet flavour. The first strawberry found in the 18th centuries. It originated in Europe from a cross two wild strawberry species like strawberry from Chile and strawberry from North America. Many people can consume this fruits raw and fresh, but they can also be used for jams, jellies, dessert, smoothies, etc. Nutritional value of strawberries are well-known as the best source of vitamin C and Manganese. It also contain B9 (folate) and potassium. In additional, this fruits also rich with plant compounds and antioxidants. Well, it may good for heart healthy and controlling your blood sugars

Another nutrition

Strawberries consist of 91% waters and 7.7% carbohydrates. In other hand, strawberries only holds of 0.3% fat and 0.7% protein. Consuming 150 grams of strawberries or a bowl of whole strawberries, you will get approximately 50 calories. Fresh strawberries have a very rich of water, so their total carb content is very low (less than 12 grams of carbs per cup).

Second, almost of strawberries contains carbs which come from natural sugar like, sucrose, glucose, and fructose. Score of glycemic index in strawberries is fairly low with 40 point. Unfortunately, it doesn’t effect on person with a huge diseases in blood sugar stages, but it might be safe for diabetics. In additional, the carbohydrate content of strawberries is in form of fibers with 26%. If you consumes one cup of while strawberries, it will be provided three grams of fibers which is both can dissolved and undissolved. Even, dietary fibers are consequential thing to increase the good bacteria in your gut. Also, it can improve you digestive health. Undoubtedly, it is really useful for helps you losing some weight and can help you to prevent many diseases.

Third, strawberries holds many vitamins and minerals. For example: Vitamin C, Manganese, Folate(B9) and Potassium which is really useful for you healthy body. Next, Strawberries also contains antioxidant and plant compounds such as ellagic acid, pelargonidin, procyanidins and ellagitannins. The last, this fruits have more than twenty-five different anthocyanin. This content is responsible for give a bright colour of fruits and flowers. Anthocyanin is usually found in the fruits skins, but the flesh of strawberries also have it

The benefits of strawberries for your body

According the research, consuming berries will reduce risk from many diseases. Therefore, if you consumes strawberries may improve heart health, lower blood sugar levels and prevent cancer. First, Strawberries can improve the cholesterol profile, lower your blood pressure and reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. Because the much of benefit, strawberries may decrease the risk of heart disease. Second, strawberries can reduce spikes in both glucose and insulin. Also, it seem can slow down glucose digestion. It makes strawberries can useful for the prevention of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Third, According to the recently research, strawberries can prevent from cancer. The research is done by test several animal and it proved to prevent any cancer.

Nutritional value of strawberries is really useful for you health. Moreover, strawberry is an important sources of many vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds. Also, strawberries are low calories where it is best fruits to add as a healthy diet.

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