Mod Pizza Nutrition for Dieters

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Mod pizza nutrition is something you should first before eating it. Knowing the nutrition is very important especially if you are in diet program. In fact, you should know what you are eating and the impact to your body. So, let’s learn more about mod pizza from the ingredients and the nutrition. Hopefully, after reading this information you don’t have to worry or afraid of eating mod pizza because it is good for you.

Mod pizza nutrition
Mod pizza nutrition

The Ingredients of Mod Pizza

The reason why people love to eat mod pizza is strongly related to the ingredients. The ingredients are not only various but also healthy to eat. Let say, you can choose around 5 different sauces. You can try to use BBQ sauce, garlic rub, pesto, red sauce, or white sauce. The variation is not only on its sauce. In fact, mod pizza is also offering different type of cheese, vegetable, meat, topping, and even crust. For dieters, it is better to have vegetables at the top of the pizza to keep the mood pizza nutrition match with your need. Using mushroom, jalapeno, black olives, basil, tomatoes, and even pineapple is not a bad option at all. It makes mod pizza healthier and you can eat without any guilty feeling. If you love meat, you can also add bacon, grilled chicken, ground beef, pepperoni, and many more. The most interesting part is that you are the boss who can combine the ingredients just like what you want!

Mod pizza nutrition
Mod pizza nutrition

Mod Pizza Nutrition for Diet Program

After learning a little bit about the fun part, let’s talk about the mod pizza nutrition. For your information, mod pizza contains of several compounds. Those are including calories, saturated fat, sodium, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, sugar, and protein. Interestingly, all types of mod pizzas are Trans fat free. It is true that mod pizza contains of sugar and it is around 2.5grams up to 19grams per serve. So, before ordering mod pizza you should know which type of pizza contains of low sugar and high sugar. For example, mad dog mod pizza is perfect for sugar diet program because it contains 1 gram of sugar only. It is also the same case if you want to use the additional ingredients. For healthy mod pizza, vegetable will be the best additional ingredient but just like what mod pizza wanted to offer, the choice is in your hand. To make you easier to decide the best mod pizza nutrition based on your need, this seller has been prepared a nutritional table. What you have to do is visiting the official website and then find the mod pizza nutrition page. The detail of nutritional calculation has been written clearly there.

In conclusion, it is good news because finally you know that as a dieter you still have a chance to eat pizza. The most important thing is that there is pizza seller which knows about what dieter’s need. In fact, it is not easy to find pizza for dieters except the dieter made the pizza by themselves. Hopefully, the information about mod pizza nutrition helps you to find the right healthy pizza to enjoy.

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