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Mod Pizza Nutrition Facts and Healthy vs Unhealthy Pizza

Nowadays, most of people really like to eat fast food. Do you know what is fast food? Fast food is the food which is usually just need a little time in the serving. Some of people say that fast food is not really healthy because it contains high amount of fat. Do you know the foods which are included in the fast food? Some of the foods which are included in the fast foods are burger, pizza, fried chicken, hotdog, and any other foods. One of the most favorite food is pizza. However, do you know the nutrition facts on pizza? Have you ever heard about Mod Pizza? Do you want to know about the Mod Pizza nutrition facts?

mod pizza nutrition facts
mod pizza nutrition facts

Mod Pizza Nutrition Facts

Pizza is the people’s favorite food. However, if you are now trying to commit a diet, is it good for you? Since pizza contains high fats, perhaps you should forbade yourself to eat pizza for a while. Furthermore, you should also need to know about the nutrition fact of Mod Pizza. The amount of calories in this pizza is 168. The amount of calories from fat is 54. The total fat of this pizza is 6.1 g. The amount of saturated fat is 2.7 g. The amount of polyunsaturated fat is 0.5 g. The amount of monounsaturated fat is 1 g. You also need to know that pizza has cholesterol. The amount of cholesterol in a pizza is around 5%, 14 mg. Then the amount of sodium is 14%, 340 mg. The amount of potassium is 2%, 67.71 mg. The amount of carbohydrate is 7%, 20.4 g. The amount of dietary fiber is 4%, 1.1 g. It also has protein and sugar. The amount of sugar is 2.5 g. The amount of protein is 7.6 g. In Mod Pizza, there is also vitamin A (5%), vitamin C (1%), Calcium (7%), Iron (2%).

Healthy Pizza vs Unhealthy Pizza

After you have known about Mod Pizza nutrition facts, you can know whether it is good for you or not. Actually, there are 2 types of pizza: the unhealthy pizza and healthy pizza. The unhealthy pizza is the pizza which is loaded with meat. It surely contains high calories. It will also increase the saturated fat. If you want to do diet, it is better for you to forbid yourself eating the meat pizza. You should be careful if you want to eat pizza, you should pay attention on the calories per slice of meat. You should also pay attention on the size of serving.

You can try to eat the healthy pizza. What is healthy pizza? If you want it, you can try to eat vegetarian pizza. The vegetarian pizza contains low calories. You should choose the vegetable toppings, such as tomatoes, green peppers, and onions. You can also try to add spinach or broccoli. If you regularly eat it, you will choose veggie pizza rather than meat pizza.

In conclusion, if you want to eat pizza, you should pay attention on the calories in the pizza. One of the choice is Mod Pizza. If you want to know more about it, you can read the Mod Pizza nutrition facts

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