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MD Board of Nursing and Licensing

The MD Board of nursing is familiar for anyone who works as nurse and wants to be a nurse. This is the board regulating the Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse in the State. Based on the newest data from National Nursing Database, the Maryland state currently has 13.538 LPNs and 73.086 RNs. The LPNs and RNs licensing have certain requirements for the nurse students to complete. It includes different tests that the nurse students have to go through. Let’s check out further information regarding these two different licenses.

LPNs License Requirements

When it comes to license requirement, it is closely related to LPN educational requirements. The first foundation to be able to become LPN is high school graduate. Then, the student has to enroll in related practical nursing program. This program has to be approved by Maryland Board or other boards in other states. However, according to the regulations, Maryland also allows registered nursing program’s graduates to get license as practical nurse by following the NCLEX-PN.

md board of nursing
md board of nursing

Once the nurse student or graduates have passed the test, he/she will get CNA certification and also training requirements. Then, he/she should go through several other processes for completing the application. For instance, the candidate has to apply to take NCLEX to the Maryland Board. In this case, it is possible for candidate to send application request or simply to ask question to the board.

Other step in the licensing process includes taking fingerprints. This is important to find out whether the applicant had gone to criminal justice office or police barracks. It is a part of criminal history check and the applicant has to pay charge associated to this check. Another requirement that has to be fulfilled by the candidate is the NCLEX exam with $200 fee that can be paid to Pearson VUE.

RNs License Requirements

Another certified nurse is known as RN that stands for Registered Nurse. Just like the LPNs, a RN candidate has to enroll in approved program that is located in Maryland and other states as long as the program has been approved by the related States. But if the candidate is a graduate from a program that is not equivalent, he/she should have preceptorship. And, it is also important for the candidate to be a CAN certified while completing the requirements for being a RN. In this process, background check is also required.

In the application process for being RN, the candidate has to pass the related NCLEX-RN test. And for candidates coming from other countries, they have to demonstrate the English language proficiency. It is also important for them to read the candidate bulletin of NCLEX that can be downloaded. And, it is also possible for them to work under their CAN license as they go through this license process to be a RN. If the candidates pass the test, they can directly work under RN license. But if they don’t, they should wait for 45 days until they can make another attempt to get the MD Board of nursing license.

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