is popcorn bad for diabetics

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 the menu foods for Diabetics that are good and bad


The increase in blood sugar levels in people with diabetes may be at risk on health such as fatigue, dizziness, nerve damage, heart disease, and even blindness awareness experience decreased.

nurse teaching on diabetes Diabetics need to be careful when you are going to eat the food. For those who have diabetes will usually be given a regular eating patterns through therapy or called medical nutritional therapy. This therapy is meant to always eat the food nutritious, low in fat and calories so it can control blood sugar levels. examples of food choices for diabetics:

  • Food made from whole-grains or complex carbohydrates such as red rice, baked potato, bread and cereals from whole-grains.
  • Meat without fat steamed, boiled, baked, and burned.
  •  Vegetables are processed by means of boiled, steamed, baked or consumed raw. Vegetables are good for diabetics consumed in between broccoli and spinach.
  •  Fresh fruits. If you want to make it, it’s not juice plus sugar.
  •  Legumes, including soy beans in the shape of a steamed tofu, cooked for soup and sauteed.
  • Processed low-fat dairy Products and eggs
  • Fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerel. However, avoid fish with high mercury levels such as tuna.

Foods that should be avoided

is popcorn bad for diabetics
is popcorn bad for diabetics

For the most part the words society, not content it feels if the menu is not equipped white rice. Whereas, for diabetics, type of staple food should be avoided because it contains high sugar levels than other carbohydrate sources about diabetes teaching nurse.

In addition to rice, there are several other types of foods should be avoided if you want blood sugar levels stay awake:

  • Fresh white Bread.
  • Food made of wheat flour.
  • Canned Fruits containing a lot of sugar.
  • Canned vegetables containing high salt.
  • Fatty Meats.
  •  High-fat dairy products.
  •  Liver, giblets and organs in other animals.
  •  Oily Foods like fried chicken, fried fish, fried plantain, and fried potatoes.

It is recommended You consume homemade meals. That way We recommend that you monitor the health of your body with what to eat every day the jelly in selecting foods for diabetics, You are also advised to routinely check their blood sugar levels.

Types of pressure test blood sugar blood sugar tests are as varied as the fasting blood sugar test, random, tests A1c hemogblobin, and oral glucose tolerance tests. Consult a doctor, what kind of blood sugar test that matches your conditions with varying quantities of food that fit for your body.



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