How Much the Healthy Weight for 5’3” Female?

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So, what is the healthy weight for 5’3” female? This question is probably often asked particularly if your height is around that number. Although based on the counting, there will be number appeared, it is actually not exactly like that. In fact, every woman must have her ideal condition not only based on her height, but also for other factors like activities, daily consumption and others. So, before starting to measure the ideal and healthy weight for the women with 5’3”, it is better to read the following explanation. Check them out.

healthy weight for 5 3 female
healthy weight for 5 3 female

Knowing Your Body Mass Index

Actually, it is a simple thing if you need to know your ideal weight based on your height through a chart. However, there are some other things which are not less important to acknowledge it is regarding the amount of bone, muscle, and even fat layer within the composition of your body. The amounts of bone and muscle are not a big deal anyway. Since there will be genetic factor in it which cannot be changed so easily. However, it is a different story for the fat as it is known as the critical measurement. The indicator to know how much the fat inside your body is then known as the body mass index or BMI. Well, you cannot say that the measurement is exactly true but it is still effective and accurate to measure the percentage of fat inside. Interestingly, there are now so many apps and websites that provide a tool to check your BMI. You only need to know your height and weight at first with two types of calculations. They are standard and metric calculations.

Knowing Whether Your Body is Ideal or Not

Rather than being dizzy with the ideal weight should be gained when you are 5’3”, it is better to know whether your body is categorized as ideal or not. After checking the BMI and finding the number, you may evaluate it. If the BMI found is more than 24.9, it means you are already classified as overweight. As it has been mentioned above, the number or value is not exactly correct but it is effective enough as the consideration what treatment you should do later. Less than that number, you should not worry too much even you still need to control your intake and do more exercises.

Weight for 5’3” Female Based on the Chart

Meanwhile, based on the chart, there are some values of weight that are classified into three categories; they are normal, overweight, and obesity. So, what are they? The normal category is when your weight is around 107 to 140 lbs. Then, the weights which are warned to be overweight is when it is about 141 to 168 lbs. lastly, the obesity for people with height 5’3” is when the weight is from 169 to 220 lbs. Again, the value is based on the standard when there is no problem with your IBM. The more accurate result is when you combine those two factors, IBM and the weight based on the chart. That is how you know the healthy weight for 5’3” female.


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