How is the Average Gain Weight during Pregnancy?

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Average gain weight during pregnancy – it is something normal for pregnant moms to gain weight during pregnancy. However, if you are already pregnant now, it is still suggested for you to manage or control your weight so that your body can still be under ideal condition. One of the ways for doing that is by keeping your intake well with balance nutrition. In general, the increase of weight during the first semester is tends to be low, not increasing at all, and even decreasing. It is based on the facts that you may feel unhealthy with several symptoms like vomit, headache, and nausea. You should not worry then since the increasing weight is normally happened rapidly around second and third trimester. So, what should you know related to the increasing weight of pregnancy, here they are.

Normal Total Weight of the InfantsThe increase of total weight during the pregnancy normally around 12 to 15 kilograms. It is also based on the normal weight of the woman itself. It is with the assumption that the infant is well growth with around 10 grams per day. The increasing of baby’s weight is also happened constantly in which it is even growth up to 90 grams in the week 16. Meanwhile, it is still increased up to around 256 grams in week 20, 680 grams in week 24, and 900 grams in week 27. Of course, it is not exactly like that. For some kinds of pregnancy, the infant can be growth more or less than that. If you think that the growth is too much under or above normal, it is not bad if you should check it up to the obstetricians. Maybe, you should add or even lessen your daily intake.

Normal Weights of the Pregnant Moms

45 to 65 kilograms are considered as the most normal weight gained by healthy moms when the pregnancy is started. Sure, many of you must already have current weight above or under those numbers. You should not worry about that, in short, in the beginning of pregnancy, your body’s weight is not different too much from your normal weight before pregnancy. What you should notice is that if along with the growth of infants, your weight is no normally increased or decreased. Both underweight and overweight can give more risks for both mom and the baby, particularly when it is already close to the labor. The conditions particularly when you are overweight are closely related to the diabetes actually.

There is a common myth indeed in which you must eat often with more amounts since the people who eat are actually two; yourself and your baby. it is rule that you should not follow anyway. The additional intake for pregnant moms is actually only around 10 to 15 percent. More than that, it will be too risky due to the accumulation of calorie. The worst thing is that your vessels can be obstructed. Besides, the fat under the skin layer is a really appropriate medium for the growth or germ. Therefore, the infection is often happened. So, make sure that you only have the average weight gain during pregnancy.

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