How Many Steps To Lose Weight In Only A Month

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How many steps to lose weight in only a month? Is it impossible to have better and skinnier body in a month by following some steps? Well, that sounds possible as long as you follow our smart tricks below. Read it carefully :

how many steps to lose weight
how many steps to lose weight
  • First, take time to write some notes. If you have busy activities or other things to do, better to write schedules you need to do daily workouts everyday. Don’t take too much time, just regular 30 minute or one hour will be enough. You can do some simple sport exercises like sit ups, push ups, or using sport machines. But what really important is to be diligent when doing all sport activities everyday. That’s why you need to take your note and write about details of workouts you will do, also exact time when you will do it. Is it in early morning or after your work is done? Morning or noon or night, all is well as long as you will stick to the whole daily workouts. Active workouts can give fast result to burn your calories and shaping your muscles.

  • Also don’t forget about food selection and portion. Besides the sport activities, food is what really important to lose your weight and make you feel healthier inside. Green vegetables and fruits are really recommended. If you feel bored with combining fruits and vegetables for your everyday menu, think about more healthy diet recipes such as making soup, baked salmon and sushi. You can make it as your homemade meal with many video tutorials are available on internet. About portion is also very vital to make sure your diet is properly done. Start with small portion for anything everyday, for lunch and dinner. Also make sure to change your rice with vegetables or maybe oatmeals and broccoli. Because many people think diet is about stop eating anything when actually that fact is wrong. Diet is about eating healthy food in right way, based on right portion and right amount of nutrition. With this selection, you can get balanced protein and nutrition without worry about your weight.

  • And also remember that diet or losing your weight is not only all about exercising and consuming healthy but also about avoiding unhealthy things. Don’t tolerate junk foods and oily meal even for once. Make sure also to know how much sugar you use for coffee or tea everyday. For best recommendation, drinking mineral water is what you really need to avoid thirst and balance your metabolism. If you need more protein or fresh taste for your beverage, what about drinking carrot juice or veggie juice? Healthier and beneficial for your body!

Overall, it’s all up to your decision if you want to follow these steps or you don’t want. Just remember that persistency and full efforts is what you really need to lose weight in significant way only in a month. It’s not a miracle or magic because steps to lose weight is really easy to follow. More than that, it’s not heavy and very low-budget even for some of us can follow these steps at home for free. So what do you think? Let’s counting our better healthiness by taking how many steps to lose weight!

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