ethical principles in nursing

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7 Ethical Principles in Nursing

When you have a dream to be a nurse, knowing about ethical principles in nursing is really important. As a nurse, we have to know about ethical principles in nursing because a nurse should have good attitude. Read the information below to know more about ethical principles in nursing.

The Use of Ethical Principles in Nursing

ethical principles in nursing
ethical principles in nursing

There are so many people who want to be a nurse. They want to help many patients in hospital. Well, becoming a nurse is not easy. You have to be patient person when giving medication to patient. Some nurses may get problem when they have bad attitude. So, every nurse should know well about ethical principles in nursing.

Actually, there are some ethical principles in nursing that should be learned and understood well by nurses. The principles are autonomy, beneficence, justice, nonmaleficince, veracity, confidentiality, and accountability. By knowing and understanding ethical principles in nursing, nurses will do their task without causing problem.

What are Ethical Principles in Nursing?

As mentioned before, there are some ethical principles in nursing. Here are ethical principles in nursing that should be understood well by nurses:

·                     Autonomy

It is principle which based on belief that an individual can think logically and able to create decision. An example of nurse who can’t understand this principle is, she inform the patient that his condition is well, whereas the condition is in problem.

·                     Beneficence

This principle charges the nurse to do best thing or activity, so it will avoid mistake and criminality. For example, a nurse givesinformation about training program to her patient, but the nurse inform the patient to not do it because the patient has heart disease.

·                     Justice

It reflects in professional practical when a nurse give right therapy based on law standard. For example when a nurse work alone on one time, but there are 2 patients who need her help. The nurse should be fair in helping the both of patients.

·                     Nonmaleficince

This principle means a nurse will not cause problem and danger to her patient. For example when patient is in bad condition, a nurse should know the best step to be done. Every step should make the patient back to good condition, not make the condition of patient become worse.

·                     Veracity

A nurse should be honest in conveying information. For example, a nurse should inform the patient about his health. It will improve communication between nurse and patient.

·                     Confidentiality

A nurse should keep patient’s privacy. When nurses are not in hospital area, they can’t talk about their patient. Information about patient can be used just for improving the health condition of patient.

·                     Accountability

Accountability is the definitive standard that measures a professional can be assessed in a situation that is unclear or without exception. So, every nurse should be careful and always to do the best effort for their patient.

Well, those are some information for you about ethical principles in nursing. If you are a nurse, you have to understand all ethical principles in nursing to become a good nurse. Finally, hopefully the information about ethical principles in nursing above will be useful for you.

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