Does Lifting Weights Stunt Growth : Myth or Fact

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Does lifting weights stunt growth? Most often this is everyone’s question when they want to try lifting weights as active workouts or even when they want to maximize their stamina on heavy sport activities. Lifting weights is one of the best choice not only to practice strength of your arms but also can give advantage for your better muscles and to shape

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your body. For women who wants to burn carbs and give more lean look, lifting weights is totally a recommendation. But more than that, there is an urban legend heard that lifting weights can stunt a young people’s growth. That’s why only some people will recommend to try lifting weights only if the person is already big grown-up. So, can teenagers try this kind of sport move? Knowing what is myth or fact by reading our explanations :

–               Lifting weight can stunt young people’s growth can be said as a myth. Because you can’t assume everybody’s physical can be stopped commonly. In practical, everyone has different physical change and growth. So, many aspects and sides to affect them, we can’t simply assume lifting weights as a reason they will stunt their growth.

–               But it can be said lifting weights “can affect your growth” if you don’t do it carefully. Do the heavy lifting weights workouts without guide, trainer or forcing yourself too much can give several risks include injuries. It is indeed affect your growth in different meaning. Some injuries can stay long until a few years, so make sure you don’t want your growth stop just because you are too obsessed with handling lift weight exercises.

–               Some people also feel pretty sure that lifting weights can be done at home without specific rules or guides. It is totally wrong. As a fact, lifting weights should be done carefully with deep knowledge about how many sets or how long the duration of each repetitions. You can’t just do it randomly or without knowing the details. It is still can be a very risky thing. For beginners, we recommend you to know details of each sets and repetitions. After you know, make sure also to try light weight before turning into heavy lifting weights.

–               Last but not the least, put attention of your own stamina and body strength. Your body will give a sign if you feel drained, tired or can’t having the exercises anymore. For young people or teenagers, we think it’s really important to try lifting weights with a trainer to avoid deep risks. They can also choose what’s the best duration, tools and details that suitable with your stamina and age. For grown-up, although lifting weights can give you several benefits, still make sure to know your body limit if you feel tired enough to stop.

Overall, it’s all up to your decision to believe this as myth or fact. But one important thing you should know is 1) lifting weight will need long process from light lifting to heavy one to avoid injuries and risk and 2) Better never do it too much or less to make sure the best result. Because do lifting weights too much is not only can be dangerous but also it gives you more risks than an urban legend question like does lifting weights stunt growth.


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