Cancers that start with l

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Cancer? l Breast what is it? l breast cancer what is it?

Cancers that start with l….Breast cancer is a disease caused by malignant (cancer) cells that grow in the breast tissue. These cells usually appear on channels or in the lobula breast. These cancer cells can spread among the network or existing organ and to other body parts.

Brain Cancer That Starts With L
Brain Cancer That Starts With L

Breast cancer is the second biggest cause of death for women today. In Singapore, one of 16 women will terdiagnosa suffered from breast cancer in his lifetime. Ethnic Chinese women have a higher risk compared to Malay or India about 10% to 20%. The highest case occurred in age groups 55-59 years. The risk of developing cancer of the breasts increases as you get older. The good news now is many women are now able to fight breast cancer early detection as well as for improving the quality of treatment

Cancers that start with l
Cancers that start with l

Factors trigger cancer is not yet known. However this can be traced from family history who suffered from breast cancer, early menstrual cycle, or the possibility of other risk factors. Because it is so difficult to ascertained, each of us has a risk of developing cancer of the breast, especially when we are aged 40 years or more. Although the cause is still unknown factors, but the total healing is very possible with early detection through examination of breast regulerTanda breast cancer markers:

  1. the Lump does not feel pain in breast
  2. Itching and rashes that continuously around the nipple
  3. Bleeding or discharge of liquid from the nipple that does not usually
  4. The skin of the breasts swell and menebal
  5. shrinking Breast skin or become concave
  6. nipple breasts entry into



  1. Clinical Examination – especially when the bumps, the discharge of liquid from the nipple, or unusual breast changes occur.
  2. This Method – Mamogram can detect changes like abnormal density or the occurrence of a deposit of calcium.
  3. Ultrasound Scan – this method is used to detect in a special area that is found in the examination may be conducted or mamogram to detect abnormal conditions not seen on a mamogram. An ultrasound scan can distinguish between a solid mass, which is the possibility of cancer, or cyst containing fluid that normally is not a cancer.
  4. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI – in some cases, patients have to undergo MRI sken to obtain inspection results more clearly on areas allegedly affected by cancer. This method is especially useful for younger women because at age they have breast tissue density and conventional visual tests such as ultrasound or mamogram becomes less sensitive and specific for detecting breast cancer


What is a Biopsy?
To ensure that breast cancer, a biopsy should be done where part of a network of cancer cell that allegedly raised and examined with a microscope
Refers to how much of the tumor cells have similarities with normal cells as seen from the microscope; the scale of the level 1 to 3. Level 3 tumors contain cancer cells are abnormal and grow very rapidly. The higher the degree of histological tumor, the greater the risk of breast cancer returning.

The number of lymph nodes located in the armpit, on the same side on the affected breast cancer, could be important indicators. The greater the number of positive glands associated with the worst possible and refer to the care and treatment that is more aggressive.
Treatment and care
Cancers that start with l : Treatment and care (chance of recovery) depends on the stage of the cancer (whether the cancer is only in the breast or had spread to other parts of the body), a type of breast cancer, the characteristics of the cancer cells and whether the cancer was found on the side of the breast to the other. A woman’s age, menopausal status (whether such women still have menstrual cycle) and general health conditions can affect treatment options and prognosis



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