No all nuts are dangerous for people with diabetes

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do you know….?  are beans bad for diabetics No  are a snack that can we consume almost every day, do you know the benefits of nuts for people with diabetes…?

 are beans bad for diabetics
are beans bad for diabetics

A nutritionist micro from japan named Prof. Shaw Watanabe said in a research at the university of japan said that consuming food nuts regularly can improve the quality of keeping the body for patients with diabetes. And for people who are not exposed to diabetes food is also beneficial to non-patients with diabets in maintaining the body’s immunity.the proteins contained in nuts can regulate the levels of glucose in the diabetics are safe for consumption yes

soy is not are beans bad for diabetics soy beans good for diabetics in which these nuts contain a compound isoflavo which serves to prevent cell damage in the body. And by consuming the beans  this can lose weight and diabetics . Some research suggests the protein and isoflavones in soy can reduce Breast Cancer risk in women up to 21%. The risk is lowered is higher in menopausal women. In males, the content of protein and isoflavones that can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer up to 24%.

and this is the proof that the Content of Isoflavones and dietary fiber of soy shown to improve insulin resistance and maintain the stability of blood sugar levels in the body . and of course, very beneficial for diabetics and help lower the risk of developing diabetes. so is the article I created may be useful

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